2018 New Generation in Action

Princess Angelique Monét has been hosting side events and attending United Nations Summits as a part of the groups inclusion in New Generation In Action a United Nations supported NGO with Special Consultative Status since 2016. The group will continue using film, the arts, and media, as a gateway to provide enlightenment on issues that affect our world. The 'think tank' solutions based organization also plans to push more Women Empowerment programs for Indigenous Peoples and assisting with resources for Artisans.

Peace and Tolerance Gala Event TO BE HELD May 14 2018 DURING FESTIVAL DE CANNES  

(New York, NY) AFI World Peace Initiative Founder Princess Angelique Monét speaks for "Youth Day," at the United Nations. Her motto is "All things are possible when you believe." In addition encouraged youth no dream is to big or small, and the key to success starts with being a good person.


Peace & Tolerance Gala Honoree Pictures