Artisan Festival International announces  Cannes World Cinema Initiative line up during Festival de Cannes

(Cannes, France) May 13, 2013- Artisan Festival International Cannes World Peace Initiative is pleased to announce it's film division premieres during Festival de Cannes, and the return to promote culture and diversity for it's 2nd annual 'Cannes World Cinema Initiative.' The films are accepted after a selective application process and private jury that agrees on which films will debut during Festival de Cannes, in the Marche du Film and private screening venues. Over 22 films will be screened from around the globe in order to provide addition exposure and distribution opportunities for a growing independent cinema marketplace. As A.F.I. (World Cinema Initiative) hosts it's signature festival in the Hamptons, Hollywood, Miami/Miami Beach during Art Basel. 

"There is no other film festival like Festival de Cannes, and it is imperative for the international marketplace to see independent cinema that has artistic merit, appeal, and is viable in the marketplace. We are a boutique festival promoting films that provoke dialogue, and this dialogue aids in peace and cultural diversity as it is the film that becomes the subject of conversation. I am proud that some of the films have won major film festivals and will obtain film distribution. However, it is important that we believe distribution of films must be a win/win for both the filmmaker and the distributors. Therefore, we place the films before a marketplace, and seek the right partnerships not just on a per film basis, but to seek the right platform for the growth of each filmmaker's career. The important factor is I created this program, because it is great to be in a film festival, and great to receive awards, and distribution; however, what about after? It is important to create unique and even hybrid distribution opportunities that provide a guaranteed revenue stream that can support the filmmakers future film line up. Rolling out high quality films in the marketplace puts each film around the platform that can increase the life-span of the works," stated multi-media talent and founder Princess Angelique Monét.

Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative is a mini-festival comprised of film, fine art, fashion, and music in an effort to promote peace and cultural diversity. The film screenings are a part of Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival) thematic programming, and in no way reflects hosting a film festival within Festival de Cannes. All filmmakers invited are able to promote being invited to screen in such a distinguished type of program, and able to use the laurels, 'OFFICIAL SELECTION, Cannes World Cinema Initiative' and are advised under no circumstances are they able to mention in press or conversation being a part of Festival de Cannes, prestigious film festival. 

In addition to the film screenings, filmmakers will have a meet and greet with esteemed international fine artist to support fine art being featured in the set designs of independent cinema. This also enhances the film cinematic quality, polished look and places filmmakers in unique situations where normally they may not meet the fine artist directly.

All film screenings are private and invitation only. 

Artisan Festival International (Cannes World Cinema Initiative) Official Selections:

Chasing Shakespeare .jpg
Chasing Shakespeare

In its purest form, Chasing Shakespeare is a love story for all time. Told in flashback from his wife's deathbed, William Ward's story traces his first meeting of the beautiful Venus who is from the Lightning Clan, a mystical Native American family living in Arkansas. We see William and Venus meet and fall in love, challenging her deceased father's vision for her true love, a meeting during a performance of The Tempest that he has envisioned in New York. After William's father is stricken ill, William cannot follow her to Broadway so Venus strikes out on her own, believing that she will find true love on a magical night in the city. But soon after she arrives, she realizes that she is ill and that her life could be in danger. William's father passes and William now travels to New York to find his Venus. A wild storm, an impromptu play on a city building and an eventual reunion all bring them together. All of this in memory as William, now without his wife, believes he is going insane, seeing visions of someone in his home. His son also believes his father is mentally ill but they both are witness to a miracle on earth and the heart pounding conclusion of this magical story.

Upaj- Improvise poster.jpg
Upaj: Improvise

Upaj: Improvise follows the journey of 68 year old Kathak (North Indian Classical dance) master, Pandit Chitresh Das with 32 year old tap star Jason Samuels Smith, in an explosive East-meets-West collaboration, 'India Jazz Suites.' As these two artists, from different cultural backgrounds, different generations, and different art forms come together in this unique collaboration, they discover not only the similarities of their artistry, but the congruous paths that lie ahead for themselves as artists, and for their art forms. As they persevere to preserve their traditional heritage in today's pop culture world, young learns from old, and old learns from new. 'Upaj: Improvise' takes you through their whirlwind tour of India, bringing to audiences a whole new look at the value of maintaining ones tradition and the role of mentors in life's journeys.

THE K EFFECT poster.jpg
THE K EFFECT, Stalins Editor

Childhood friend of Sergei Eisenstein, Maxime Stransky is an actor in 1920 Moscow and an adventurer of the revolution, a counterfeiter and Hollywood producer - Stalin’s film editor. 

Together they will experience the great journey of personal creation through cinema and the collective formation of a new society. Through crossings and meetings taking place throughout Maxime and Sergei Eisenstein paths of life, we will explain how the ideals of an historical period were forged. All this considered from a cinematic viewpoint.

Maxime will gradually unveil his missions as Stalin’s actor-spy: his involvement in The Great Crash of 1929, his betrayal of Eisenstein, his two families -Russian and American- the Spanish Civil War, he World War II, the Operation Borodino when he obtained the atomic bomb designs - his epic flight from the FBI across the North Pole, his rise as a hero in a socialist country, his fulminating deportation to the Kolyma Gulag in 1952 and his disappearance. 

THE K EFFECT is a spy and traveling adventure voiced by its protagonist. It is a drama with stains of comedy, the story of a hero blinded by the light of the God-Sun -Stalin- who managed to escape. This is the story of the friendship between Maxime Stransky and Sergei Eisenstein: through their skin we can fell our present skin.

The K Effect recounts Maxime’s passionate life during the 20th century: a century shaken by fascinating utopias that spawned cheerful dreams and dreadful nightmares.

DWYL Poster 2012 smaller.png
Do What You Love: A Path To Passionate Living

A Spiritual Documentary about living your passion. We follow the life of Keith Blanchard, teacher, musician and author of the best-selling book, The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth, as he talks to people who've read his book and have been influenced by his life. Keith also speaks to people he's never met to find out if they are living their passion.

the Firebird poster.jpg
The Firebird


Omid flees his homeland because of his father's revolutionary poetry for freedom. To endure mandatory detention and deportation from Australia, Omid trusts in the wisdom of the great poets and his father's words to avoid internal surrender. From the depths of political exclusion an artist is born.

Director Statement 
My polemic in storytelling is always about those living at the fringes of society, whether they are victims of xenophobia or even victims of their own internal psychological struggle.

My love for the Italian neo-realist filmmakers of the 1940s and 1950s is because their films were also concerned with dismissed individuals and their challenges to survive their marginalization. 

I reflected on the types of films my hero filmmakers such as Rossellini, De Sica and Visconti would have made had they been living in Australia today. I considered that they would not have retreated from the encounter of making a film about so-called ‘boat’ people. I did not want to shy away from making such a film. I did not want my own fears of condemnation to render me silent or dissuade me. Therefore in making this film I wanted to tell a difficult story genuinely, a story that transcends political issues and xenophobia, in order to make a narrative about humanity, and a lyrical visual about a simple human being; ultimately indistinguishable from the audience and the film maker.

The film’s title was inspired by the Russian tale about a bird that is both a blessing and a curse to its captor. The vision follows the story of a young orphaned asylum seeker who flees his country with his parents due to his father’s revolutionary poetry for freedom and ends up in an Australian detention center, only to be deported offshore to be processed and await refugee status. But in doing the film I discovered that The Firebird was ultimately about the birth of an artist. Omid, our protagonist, grows up to become a musical director whose talent was born out of political exclusion. It was his trust and understanding in the wisdom of the great poets and his father’s plight for freedom that enabled him to survive psychologically while imprisoned.

In the film there is a moment dear to me when Omid discovers the power of art. It is when he soothes a young woman called Arezoo upon their deportation from Australia by reciting the Persian poetry of Rumi in the ancient Persian tongue.

All of the actors are making debut performances. 

The Hipster Paradox Poster 1.jpg

The Hipster Paradox

A satire of the phony nature of the hipster culture. It exposes the absurdness of their culture by juxtaposing the facade with the humanity behind it.

Telling A You Poster.jpg

Telling A You

Set on the island of Bermuda in the 1960s, TELLING A YOU is an animated short film featuring the voices of Bermudian actors, Dimitri Philpott and Lexy Correia. The story captures the romantic 'meet-cute' of a man and a woman colliding at a street corner. While this may not appear noteworthy, his memory lovingly recalls every detail of the incident, thus turning a seemingly ordinary moment in time into an extraordinary moment in two people's lives.

Cinematographically, there is the added experiment of the two-layered storytelling, voice and visuals, taking turns in delivering each instant of the narration before the other, ultimately concluding the story in sync.TELLIN

G A YOU is a reminder of those small moments of fortune that enrich the lives of those embracing the unexpected, as well as a tribute to the courageous ones living life with an open heart. Written, directed and produced by Margarethe Baillou, TELLING A YOU is the filmmaker's personal hommage to Bermuda, celebrating the pastel colors, shapes and sounds of that tiny shrimp-shaped speck of land in the middle of the Atlantic where the beaches are pink, and time is stacked away in a treasure chest.

Duel poster.jpg


Girl meets boy, let the duel begin...

Kaleidoscope Poster 3.jpg


'Kaleidoscope' documents the collaboration of two break-dancers/'jookers' and two ballet dancers creating original choreography to a new and original soundtrack that mixes hip-hop beats and cello. The goal of the film was to fuse jookin', an original Memphis break-dancing style dubbed the 'urban ballet', with classical ballet in order to highlight the benefits of cultural mixing.

Scent of a Woman poster.jpg

Scent of A Woman

On the eve of a romantic weekend upstate, sweet but profoundly awkward Chloe plans on telling Dan, her boyfriend of three weeks, that she loves him. While he prepares the one meal he knows how to make, Fettuccine Alfredo, she tries on sexy lingerie, works to build up her courage. 

Then, terror strikes as lactose intolerance Chloe comes face to face with Dan's creamy concoction. Chloe escapes to find her trusty dairy-aid, but she's all out. Not wanting to be rude (and hoping to titillate Dan with her voraciousness), Chloe throws caution to the wind and dives in to the meal. But as soon as the wine kicks in, so does the Alfredo. Chloe runs to the bathroom in the hopes of suffering in private, but the size of the house only amplifies her thunderous farts. 

Will her hope for true love be squelched by her cock-blocking emissions?

Removed Poster.jpg


Java, Bali, and Titan are captive tigers who have all had several homes over their lives. Each rescued from tough situations, they find sanctuary at Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) in San Antonio Texas and become instant friends. But hard economic times touch not only people. WAO is forced to close and now the tigers need new homes... Again. 

What does it take to move almost two tons of wild cat some 1,400 miles and re-habituate them? 'Removed' tells the story of Java, Bali, and Titan, as well as the people that care for these beautiful yet discarded creatures, all the while shedding light on the little know world of captive tigers in America.

Future Assassin Poster.jpg

Future Assassin

Future Assassin is a coming of age short comedy that takes place in 1965 in the American Mid West. It tells the story about a young high school student who has been scorned by his first love. He comes up with a zany plot that involves convincing five dazed hippies that his first love is actually an evil time traveler. Their only interest is saving the world. Everything comes to a head when all seven characters get pulled over in a getaway escape car on a long, country road. After spending some time in jail together the characters are able to see each others true colors and finally be completely honest. Hearts will be broken and flames will spark. The young protagonist manages to fool just about everyone except himself in this story of the extreme lengths one will go to for matters of the heart.

Melisenda .jpg


Different countries, people and times… Everything is interconnected. The movie’s main character, a young woman, is deeply aware of this connection. Masterpieces of art are true witnesses of the unity of all things alive. Can we save them or will they be lost forever?

Kilometer 0, Life in the Shadow of Notre Dame poster.jpg

Kilometer 0, Life in the Shadow of Notre Dame

Mourning the loss of my grandmother and mother figure and struggling with my failing marriage, like so many have done before me, I decided to travel to Paris’ Latin Quarter for inspiration and renewal. My grandmother, who as a young woman had lived and studied in France, had been the Secretary of Audio Visual Education of Mexico, and the Poet Laureate of the State of Cuahuila The Latin Quarter in Paris, is generally associated with artists, intellectuals, and a bohemian way of life. It retains the nostalgic charm of past ages, while still being an important hub of innovative ideas.

Within my first few hours of arrival, I met Antonio Gout de Montellano, a writer, economist, and expat from Mexico City. Antonio’s assured guidance leads to fortuitous meetings with Michele Bruel, the nonagenarian proprietress of the 1 star Hotel Esmeralda; the enchanting Sanda Slag, a talented soprano, recording artist and author; the late George Whitman, and his daughter Sylvia Whitman, owners of the bookstore Shakespeare and Company, that has for decades provided a community to English-speaking expats and travelers; Bernard Heidsieck, French sound poet; Karen Moeller, award-winning designer and author; The Atelier Baschet pot-luck crew; as well as several other dynamic and engaging personalities. 

It is this community of dynamic people that encouraged me to pursue my dream and make Kilometre Zero. These chance meetings and ensuing relationships changed and enriched my life and through the process of capturing their narratives, I captured the alluring spirit of the left bank.

Akt 2.jpg

Akt 2

After years apart, two people meet by accident and hide secrets from each other. The meeting leads to moments of truth in each of their lives, and illusions are shattered, the past is explained, and their lives are changed. Starring Kirsti Torhaug and Michel Riddez in a tour de force duet performance, the script was co-written by award winning filmmaker Robert Fritz and the film's male lead, Michel Riddez. Shot in Sweden in Swedish with English subtitles, the film is a unique love story about another chance in life. Directed by Robert Fritz.

Phyllis poster.jpg


Phyllis, a woman in her early 60s, comes back home after a long visit abroad. Lonely and broken hearted, on her way she tries to kill herself. At her house she finds a sub-letter, who was scheduled to depart before her return. The sub-letter, a young motorcyclist, insists on staying at the house for a few additional days before resuming a long road trip. What starts as a quarrel turns into a three day affair between a shaken and disillusioned woman and a carefree traveler. 


Charlie is the story of a kind-hearted hapless mute man whom finds his affection for a beautiful woman is complicated when it becomes apparent that she's blind. With no way for him to make any sound to get her attention and her inability to see Charlie's signing gestures, problems ensue and it only multiplies when her best friend shows up. This is a classic silent love story in homage to the turn of the century black and white Charlie Chaplin movies, only with a more modern present day twist. 

Better Be Goin poster.jpg

Better Be Goin’

Neil Nathan’s Better Be Goin’ music video is a CGI Sci-Fi adaption of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Wolf and the 7 Little Goats". In it, a notoriously dangerous cyborg wolf seeks to kidnap the 4 space girls left alone at their home base on Planet Kepler 22b. Even though their Head Mother, a horned fabled creature, warns them about the dangerous wolf, they proceed to train their super powers and ignore the threat coming from outer space. The wolf is willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The video was Conceived and Directed by Robert Fernandez-Ferreira whose award winning short film “Una Calle Sin Salida,” showed at the 2011 Cannes Festival and was Art Directed and Animated by Andreas Alesik,"Ghost A/S" visual effects lead on Cowboys & Aliens and The Sorcerer's Apprentice (produced by Jerry Bruckheimer). Intro Sound Design by Dave Barnaby, sound effects editor on Captain America: The First Avenger.

The song was produced by Bobby Harlow and features musicians from The Dead Weather, Queens of The Stone Age, Detroit Cobras, and The Go. It's on Neil's debut LP, The Distance Calls out on his imprint, Pirate Vinyl.

The Hardest Day Poster.jpg

The Hardest Day

The band Helicopter Rounds plays by the ocean. Jonas has the perfect girl, Alexis. A card reader, madam Ann, forecast the happiness of the couple, but she fails to reveal her intentions and feelings towards Jon. However, her wishes, infiltrates Jon dreams and enters her desire for him to fall for her. They find themselves in a dreamy web of romance, as Alex witnesses them kissing. Jon's dream is about to became a nightmare as he wakes up back in a sweet reality dream come true.

God forgive poster.jpg

God Forgive

A musical film expressing the wish to stop spending money in wars and utilize those economic resources to feed the children worldwide. The film shows images of children from South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The film want to promote to bring an equal happiness to every corner for the generation, our children.

Virtuos Virtuell V012_Filmplakat_RZ_2602_ohne_Schnittmarken 1760x2486.jpg

Virtuos Virtuell

Abstract ink drawings seem to come out of nowhere. Following a secret choreography, they take on characteristics and moods of the music and narrate a story that appears to be laid out in the music. The interplay of timid encounters and dynamic pursuits, the agile lightness and confrontation, awakens a multitude of associations e.g. of birds, plants or the under-water world, which in turn stimulates many different emotional impressions.


About Artisan Festival International 'Cannes World Peace Initiative'

Artisan Festival International 'Cannes World Peace Initiative' is a Signature luxury event taking place during Festival de Cannes Founded by multi-media talent Princess Angelique Monét (the worlds only actress ventriloquist).  The initiative is comprised of compelling international cinema debuting before a global audience and has built a name as  (Cannes World Cinema Initiative) held within Marche du Film and private locations. Filmmakers who have been invited to screen within the juried "Official Selection" have been featured on BBC. Since Festival de Cannes attracts the world's top celebrities, and art guru's, fine art exhibitions have been added to the line up, to bring international fine artists seeking explorative and innovative opportunities of unveiling art before collectors, VIP guests and celebrities, where they can enjoy promoting peace within luxury settings and meeting renowned, emerging, and innovative filmmakers, fine artist, musicians, and performers.

Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative 

A cultural arts organization comprised of mini-festival's comprised of fine art, fashion and music and hosts it's Signature Festival in the Hamptons, Hollywood, and Miami/Miami Beach (during Art Basel) founded by Princess Angelique Monét. The mini-festival is comprised of four unique art forms that each have their own goals and agendas which allow VIP's and guests to enjoy participation in all or each mini-festival solely. The goal is to merge diversified art forms,  before each community served, and provide an innovative approach to how the world view's art.  The result of the fusion provides opportunities for every guest to attend their niche, while peeking their curiosity of the other affairs which stand on their own due to innovative and explorative approaches of event production within luxury settings. With this approach, individuals can learn to appreciate other cultures besides one's own, and peek the interest of other art forms traditional, and non-traditional. This is a passive approach that accomplishes the organizations goals without being aggressive or political, while maintaining the integrity of our mission.  Through this process we provide exposure for the artists, while increasing the regions economy through tourism with trendy, cultural and Signature luxury events, with traditional and non-tradional approaches in an effort to promote peace and cultural diversity.

Film Festival: Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival)

Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival) Hamptons Sept 12th - 15th

Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival) Hollywood Oct 24th - 27th

Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival) Miami/Miami Beach Dec. 4th - 8th (During Art Basel)


During each market fine artists will be invited to display works at private galleries, pop up locations, art fair, and on-site. Though the main exhibitions take place during the organizations festival, the fine art exhibitions will stand on their own merit independent of the other festivities. The exhibitions are invitation only and will exhibit Collectors from private estates, and antiques, while placing focus on International Galleries, Esteemed Contemporary, and Emerging Artists, and Traditional Artists who are seeking trendy and new age approaches to bring their art before a general public. 


Fashion designers have the unique opportunity to introduce their collections before the right audience. Whereas, collections will be showcased at our Signature fine art, and film events and brought before celebrities, and filmmakers seeking cutting edge new designs, while the designer receives lucrative branding and name recognition opportunities. This approach provides an experience where all parties benefit, and our VIP Guests, can enjoy innovative approaches to traditional fine art affairs, and film events within luxury and quality verses quantity settings, where each guest is invitation only VIP, making the affair more exclusive.


Recording artists are invited to perform at Signature events and independent artists are provided the opportunity to meet and greet the film industries elite for future music placement. Providing this opportunity for select musicians enhances our program to bring innovative music before our international audience, while utilizing music to promote peace and culture.  Artist receives exposure, visibility, and the opportunity to feature works in groundbreaking cinema.

More international markets will be added in addition to seeking opportunities to franchise with regions looking to increase culture and tourism by adding a luxury mini-festival to the year round event schedule that promotes peace and cultural diversity through the arts.  

For press and film inquires please 

SUBJECT: AFI Cannes World Cinema Initiative


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