May 11, 2013

(Cannes, France) Artisan Festival International ‘Cannes World Peace Initiative’ announces fine art line up for “We are the World,” Gala at lifestyle event designer Richard Nilsson’s Villa Oxygene hosted by Main Sponsor Princess Angelique Monét, Main Partner Richard Nilsson, and Partners TM Fine Arts International and Grani d’Oro of Monte Carlo.

Fine Artist from around the globe will gather for one exclusive luxury event during Festival de Cannes to promote peace through the arts. The invitation only event will exhibit Contemporary and Traditional Fine Art before collectors, spectators, and esteemed Film Industry tastemakers seeking compelling works for future film projects. The evening will showcase fine art, fashion, and music to celebrate cultural diversity, in a luxury setting beginning at 6p.m. AFI World Peace Initiative’s Executive Director of International Arts, Thomas Maes will is the curator of the fine arts exhibition. In addition to seeing a group of international esteemed fine artist, AFI World Peace Initiative will recognize Lifetime Achievement Honoree Gabriel Meiring who will also be in attendance and exhibit select works.

“Our supporters are going to enjoy viewing international fine art, while we also provide eye candy with fashion, and enhance our atmosphere with music and fine dining. There are many exclusive luxury events that take place during Festival de Cannes. What makes our unique is a luxury setting, where we are hosting a smaller group of art lovers, seeking to have intimate dialogue and one on ones with fine artist, and esteemed filmmakers, while also promoting a good cause. Peace is important , and art is the longest form of humanity where when we are no longer here, it remains. Therefore, through art and provoking dialogue we can eventually have peace, with an understanding and appreciation of culture this is what it is all about.”

In addition to an intimate fine art exhibition with a cocktail, the evening will host a private dinner for select VIP’s, while other guest can mingle and enjoy the art.  As a celebration of India’s 100 years of cinema, there will be a special dance performance from Antara Bharduaj. Bharduay will perform a dance form that traces back to its origin to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or “storytellers.” Her discipline is taught by master Pandit Chitresh Pas.


A.F.I. Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Gabriel Meiring was born in 1946 in Johannesburg (South-Africa). In 1968 he moved to Belgium to complete his education as a concert pianist. Challenged by a friend, he started turning his focus also on painting. His success of his first exhibition in 1975 in Deurle (Belgium) convinced him to start concentrating on pencil drawings, lithography, painting in tempera, acrylic and even oil on silk – a delicate and unique technique.

As diverse as Gabriel’s techniques, as different are his many ways of expression: besides painting large wooden wall panels, he also paints on porcelain and concert piano’s (Blüthner). He also designs leaded windows and nteriors for clients. This interior design integrates his panels in peaceful colors with a daring and warm color magnificence of the luxurious fabrics he chooses alongside. This way Gabriel magically turns a home into a tasteful palace.

Since the 1980’s the demand for private exhibitions of his work increased tremendously. This in combination with many piano recitals became to much for him. For three years he retreated to Capri to perfect his knowledge of anatomy and technique. After returning a large amount the orders started pouring in. Thanks to long days of work he can carry out the numerous orders ever since.

With his work he tries to accomplish a picturesque balance between color, imagination and a special technique, which is probably a heritage of his classical education. Or as a critic writes: “The artworks of Meiring suggest a musical movement even though they speak their own picturesque language”. Comparing his paintings to his music is nog just a means to comprehend the technique of his works. The paintings generate an emotional and spiritual stimulation which is to be compared with the blessed feeling one gets from listening to a well performed concert. The emotional timbre of his work is being developed by the use of mythological and symbolic theme’s. His style can be described as ‘Intimate Symbolism’, which portraits the emotional and spiritual content of his art.

The meaning of this expression is bizarre, supernatural and unreal. Many types of art are being created and seem to be visual poetry in the development stage. The recurring designs he uses are elegant figures of extraordinary grace and exotic creatures. Often shaped in gold and silver leaf and rich patterns.

The subject of his ‘poetry’ is the emotional space and spiritual atmosphere of his own inner world.

The artworks of Meiring evoke feelings of Art Nouveau or Vienna Secession of the early 20th century. With Gustav Klimt he shares the taste for elegant figures, complicated decorations and layers of dazzling patterns as well as the refined and sometimes erotic sensitivity. To accomplish these effects it’s necessary for the artist to have absolute control over his tools. The finish and refinement of Meirings work is perfect and every part of his artworks deserve the attention of the viewer. According to Meiring all the paintings have to be a joy to the senses as well as the spirit.

To reach a larger public Gabriel released in 2006 a wonderfully illustrated monograph in English, because he also has many clients abroad and in the Middle - and Far East. The book received a double Sappi Award for best art book of Europe and the world.

Thomas Maes (1983) – BELGIUM Painter, Sculptor, Designer, Fine Art Curator He has had 30 Solo and group exhibitions at Gallery’s and Top Art- fairs Worldwide. His works are drawing the attention of international collectors; his Sculpture designs and paintings are published in the fine art book Contemporary Masters, contemporary Sculptors and art magazines. The artist is influenced by a number of fields, including design, technology, science, architecture, and archaeology, as well as art history. With such innovation evident in his work, The visionary Artist Maes is destined to take the art world by storm.

Thomas Maes, born 1983 in Belgium, shows an extraordinary collection of paintings with ordinary objects in an unusual context. They attract the viewer’s attraction by giving new meanings to familiar things. The use of ordinary objects in unfamiliar spaces is joined to his desire to create poetic imagery as well as his consciousness to think about the Universe. Thomas Maes described the process of painting as the art of putting colors side by side in such a way that their real aspect is effaced, so that familiar objects - clouds, amphora’s, houses, trees or cubic forms - become united in a single poetically disciplined image. The poetry of these images dispense with any symbolic significance, old or new. Each of these recurring themes can be interpreted differently and has significant meanings.

His paintings titled “Dark Matter”, “A New World” or “Civilization” represent visible images which evoke a kind of mystery. Thomas Maes` constant play with reality and illusion can be attributed to his interest in history, science and culture. Since seven years, the Belgium artist is living and working at the Greece island of Crete, surrounded by the ancient Minoan civilization and archetypical, archeological find spots. In his artworks Maes is back and forth playing, zapping on and off with reality and illusion, reflecting his constant shifting back and forth perception during his mental time journey. Since many years Thomas Maes formed his own signature in a very clean, concise and exacting style. Thomas Maes is interested to inspire us, because his works represent both dreams and apparent paradoxes at the same time. The themes and motifs encourage thinking about our world, about the Mankind, Genesis, Macrocosm and the Universe.

(Written by; Art History Consulting / Management: Dr. phil. Barbara Aust-Wegemund)

Priska Medam

Fascinated by the interplay of mind and feeling, my painting busy with their own lives and the melody of the beholder.

Also same impulses awaken in each a different perception. My aim is to create a dialogue between image and viewer. Stylistically, my work is located in the area between abstraction and figuration.

With the use of body filler, sand, fine stones, plaster mixed media in acrylic, ink and shiny metallic colors.

The person: Born in Basel and lives with the family (2 children) near Basel.

I work in an office as a secretary (part-time). I am painting since 1999. 2001 studied as a painter. 2013 art event organizer.

Exhibition space & studio in the houseExhibitions since 2009


2010 GALERIE PIAZZA im AZ-Bachgraben, Allschwil 2010/11PRAXISKLINIK RENNBAHN, Muttenz

2011 GALERIE MONFREGOLA, Riehen 2011 artbygenève, Genf (PALEXPO) 2011 Wohn- und Bürozentrum für Körperbehinderte (WBZ), Reinach 2011 GALERIE VIELFAELTIG, Tierpark Lange Erlen Pavillon

2012 1. Künstler-Festival, KUNSTVEREIN ALLSCHWIL, Mühlestall 2012 GALERIE VIELFAELTIG, Tierpark Lange Erlen Pavillon 2012 ARTE BINNINGEN, Jubiläumsausstellung (20 Jahre)

2012/13 5 x art meets obsession im Club Obsession Basel (and as art event organizer) 2013 GALERIE MONFREGOLA, Riehen 2013 Mixed art im Basel Art Center, Basel (and as art event organizer)


Lucien Stilss

Italian-Dutch artist Lucien Stilss has cre- ated a unique artistic universe character- ized by dreamlikereferences, and a dis- tinct mix of eroticism and spirituality. With a focus on the female body and its relationship with both the natural and spiritual planes, Stilss merges de- cidedly modern, recognizable portraits of celebrities and other notable person- alities with a traditional Italian Renais- sance approach and style. A hallmark of her art is a careful attention to detail combined with a freedom of execution that renders the painting more fantas- tical than figurative and adds a surrealistic element to the overall effect. Indeed, to Stilss, “Every painting is a door, a door that allows us to go into a fantastic world.”

Working primarily with oil on canvas as well as with other experimental techniques, Stilss strives in each piece to capture all the beauty there is to be found in the human form. To her, the human spirit is con- tained in human shapes, particularly the eyes. Colors are muted and much emphasis is placed on line and form, which draws attention to the figurative aspects of her portraits. In this way, Stilss is able to “represent people, looking for their innate divine beauty which comes from God.”

But what perhaps is the most memorable aspect of Stilss’ paintings is the way that modern pop culture is juxtaposed so naturally against a backdrop filled with recognizable Renaissance themes, palettes, and forms. Background creatures seem to emerge from a dream world, with nymphs, angels, and mythological creatures populating the canvas. The effect is not jarring but rather poignant, infusing new layers of meaning into the tableau. Here, the viewer is invited to question what they know, to begin to find new relevance and interconnections between mod- ern and antiquated modalities of expression.


Lan Nguyen Stanley was born and grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam. She began painting when she was 12 and won a scholarship to the Fine Arts University of Hanoi, where she specialized in graphic arts. Lan painted full-time after gradu- ating. She moved to the United States in 1996 and lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in New York City. Lan lived in London for 6 years then Hong Kong for nearly 5 years and now she is working and living in Dubai.

Lan paints in acrylics and oils and also prints etchings. Her subjects are often scenes from her homeland and its people and customs: a young woman wearing the flowing ao dai ("long dress"); Buddhist worshipers at a village festival; a rainy landscape in black, gray and white.

In all her work, she seeks to evoke emotions common to people regardless of nationality. North America.

Princess Angelique Monét (A. Monét)

Princess Angelique Monét (A. Monét) has created works that have been showcased in galleries during Art Basel, and has participated in international art fairs. She is known as a multi-media talent, making a career imprint as the world’s only actress ventriloquist, actress, film producer, music composer, singer, writer, and founder of Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative a movement that showcases min-festivals in international markets in an effort to create peace. These markets include Cot’Azur and Cannes, France during Festival de Cannes, The Hamptons (USA), New York, NY, Hollywood, California, and Miami/Miami Beach, Florida. Expansion to new markets is being examined as individuals approach the Princess with requests to bring the initiative to their region or township. In addition to her talent, and her platform for the artist and the community to express themselves, Monét is the owner of Nothing On Television TV, a Video On Demand channel available through DISH Sling Box, YouTube, Facebook, and soon Roku. Monét has interviewed entertainment pioneers such as Public Enemy, Dougie Fresh, Kurtis Blow, DJ Red Alert, Flavor Flav, Chuck D, Ludacris, Raekwon, Charles Stone III, Tyson Beckford, Sheek Louch, Damon Dash, Wayne Wonder and Baby Cham.


A. Monét is an American multi-media talent whom utilizes her well-rounded background in performance and film to visually translate emotions, capturing them on canvas. Her mediums include graphite, charcoal, latex, oils and acrylics on canvas or paper, meant to cultivate an abstract expressionist sometimes surreal, style of rich colors and emotions. Having studied Latin at an early age, she translated the Iliad and the Odyssey, which enriched Monét's imagination, expanding her consciousness for spiritual development and artistic expression. At the age of fourteen, Monét created an original edition of "Fine Press Artist Book," showcasing poetry, art, and short stories with her interpretation of Homer, the Iliad, and the Odyssey. As an abstract expressionist, Monét combines figurative meaning to use the art as a vestibule, which engages the observer into a deep spiritually awakened state. Her latest collection of work is entitled, "Parallel Life-Parallel Universe: Making the Shift," captures images of various planes of existence and beings of unknown origin on canvas. Her latest art book showcases her latest collection of images combined with A. Monét's written philosophies of alternate realities. Outside of art, A. Monét has been seen Off Broadway in her one woman show ‘Multiple-Me’, she is owner of her own Video On Demand Channel available through DISH TV/ USA, You Tube, and Sling Box, the worlds only actress ventriloquist, is a writer, filmmaker, actress, composer, pianist, and film producer. She also takes pride in being the Founder of Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative, a mini-festival comprised of a film festival, fine art fair, music showcase, fashion extravaganza, in an effort to promote peace and cultural diversity through the arts. The markets in which the event serves is Cannes, France during Festival de Cannes, the Hamptons (USA), Miami and Los Angeles. The festival and curated events take place year round through out the globe.


In partnership with Fashion Cannes, and LUXURY Lifestyle Designer Richard Nilsson was sponsored by Main Sponsor: Princess Angelique Monét, Partner: Richard Nilsson, Grani d'Oro of Monte Carlo, TM Fine Arts Int., Birkedal Hartmann, Pago France, Wine Love, and Astrovino.