Miami and Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is a coastal resort city located in Miami-Dade County Florida U.S.A. and in 1979 the Art Deco Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places, making the Art Deco District the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world comprised of hotels, apartments, and other structures.  Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trading nicknamed "Capital of Latin America," and according to a 2009 UBS study of 73 world cities Miami was ranked as the richest city in US, and World's riches city in terms of purchasing power.

We are a festival that enjoys locations where where the overall demographic is a melting pot, and we are pleased to bring our year round program to Miami, with our Signature Event taking place two week-ends. Our Art Fair December 4-8, 2013, combining video arts, fashion, and music.



Travel to the greater Miami area may be accomplished by airplane or by car. Miami is a highly metropolitan area, and while it may be possible to find lodging near the event, most visitors to the area will either need to rent a car or use taxi's to navigate the city.


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