June 4, 2012


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(New York, NY) During Festival de Cannes, Cannes Artisan Festival International World Peace Cinema Initiative hosted a series of events in order to promote world peace and cultural diversity. During the May 22ndevent at Quai 21, a short film series was screened to a packed house. Following the screening, HRH Princess Angelique Monét, Duchess of Aquitaine presented the Agoralumiere African Vision Award to Luxor African Film Festival Directors Sayed Fouad and Azza El Hosseiny who traveled all the way from Egypt.

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The event also had a surprise guest appearance from Milk the Cow, a ventriloquist figure running for office as the first U.S. Children’s President under the write-in candidate by-law. This would be the first time in U.S. history a ventriloquist figure has run for President, and requests a new office be created, as Children’s President, to assist the elected U.S. President with his responsibilities to the country. A four minute trailer was showcased to introduce Milk the Cow’s campaign. The short presentation described homeless rates in America, immigrant’s perception of the U.S., and opinions of the future of the country.

The World Peace Initiative showcased a line-up of films the following day at the Marche du Film Palais D screening theater. The screening was welcomed by the Marche Du Film administration, publicized as the ‘World Peace Cinema Initiative’.

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“Participating in the Marche Du Film under the World Peace Cinema Initiative heading was a critical benchmark to promote cultural diversity and peace, meant to stimulate an open dialogue between cultures. Creating dialogue through film, and expanding our personal viewpoints is one of the only ways to actualize world peace as an achievable goal. Bringing individuals together with thought provoking films, not necessarily peace related or humanitarian, even risqué films, which creates more of a conflict resolution dialogue, is the best way to involve people and generate enthusiasm for others. With this being said, peace relations can only begin by individuals expressing themselves. In order to obtain peace, we must remember that exposing ourselves to new aspects of the human experience creates inner change, which is permanent and resonates to others around us, even on a subtle level,” stated Festival Founder and Director HRH Princess Angelique Monét.

A private panel of judges selected the Cannes award winners. With the caliber of films introduced at Cannes this year, the need to introduce a special category for Young Actor and Actress was instituted.  HRH Princess Angelique Monét is keen on fostering and developing young people’s talent with her ‘Children’s and the Arts Program’ so this new category will be an added extension to the existing program.


Best Narrative Short

Choices, dir. by Michael J. Kirkland (USA)

Best World Peace Relations (Short Film Category)

Bra-et Al Rouh dir. by Walid Salhab (Lebanon, United Kingdom)

Best Feature Film

Upside Down dir. by Ajay Singh (India)

Honorable Mention (Feature Film Category)

Kaleb dir. by Kervans Barthelem (USA, Creole with English sub-titles)

Best Original Music

Mi Chiamano Mimi

Fable dir. by Maria Restivo (USA)

Best Actor (Short Film Category)

Gene Loveland - Choices (USA)

Best Actor (Feature Film Category)

Atibon Nazaire – Kaleb(USA, Creole with English sub-titles)

Best Actress (Short Film Category)

Katherine Abuaglain - Bra-et Al Rouh (Lebanon, United Kingdom)

Best Supporting Actor (Feature Film Category)

Santosh Shinde, Upside Down (India)


Best Young Actor Feature Film

Shuham More - Upside Down

Best Young Supporting Actress Honorable Mention

Angelique Restivo - Fable

Best Young Actor Honorable Mention

Anthony Restivo - Fable

Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative is preparing for it’s Signature Festival, which takes place August 3rd - 5th 2012, in the Hamptons (a string of beach towns in Long Island New York known as a vacation mecca for the rich and famous). Festivities will be hosted at the South Hampton Inn and will showcase not only film; but also fine art, music and fashion.


Artisan Festival International (World Cinema Festival) is known as Cannes World Peace Cinema Initiative during Festival de Cannes. The program is limited to the amount of accepted applicants not only to ensure proper exposure of the film showcase; but also filmmakers can take advantage of various programs and activities Festival de Cannes offers. Attending filmmakers enjoyed select exclusive events, walking the red carpet for an Official Selection of Festival de Cannes, Festival Galas, and private events. Select filmmakers were able to open new relationships for co-production possibilities with various international film commissions.


Greta Joanne Entertainment is A.F.I.’s event producer and a multi-media company based in New York (USA) founded by multi-media talent, the world’s only actress ventriloquist, and former Ms. Black South Carolina USA, HRH Princess Angelique Monét, Duchess of Aquitaine. The company is comprised of film, television, music, and event divisions. The company also has a distribution arm through Video On Demand platforms, utilizing DISH Slingbox, Comcast, and Time Warner, in addition to a limited theatrical releasing division.


Afrique 360 is designed to stimulate dialog globally among film festivals of the African Diaspora on issues related to utilization of technology, distribution, advertising/marketing and finance. Afrique 360 supports regional and international initiatives that promote intercultural understanding and development of creative industries throughout the Diaspora.   Afrique 360 continues to identify issues and deliver solutions through “knowledge exchanges” with industry leaders as well as linking related industries, which have the potential to be involved in the process of content distribution, technologies and financial models.


For the last 15 years AgoraLumiere Cinema Series has showcased the best work of filmmakers from Africa and its Diaspora on its European platform at the Cannes Film Festival in France. This year AgoraLumiere in partnership with the Shanghai International Film Festival has established a new platform in China. The Screening Series at the Cannes Festival elevates the visibility of African and Diaspora independent films amongst the industry executives and exhibitors meeting in the world’s largest film market.   In line with its vision and objectives, AgoraLumiere is pleased to partner with the Artisan Festival International and to support the first World Peace Initiative Program at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. This partnership will also contribute toward building an even stronger representation of African and Diaspora Cinema on AgoraLumiere’s platform

For more information please contact or 347-731-6380.