Artisan Festival International Cannes World Peace Initiative concludes with Fine Arts Exhibition, Fashion Show, and Awards Presentation at lifestyle luxury designer Richard Nilsson's Villa Oxygene on May 23rd

By Mark Mitchell

Cannes, France (June, 1, 2013) Artisan Festival International Cannes World Peace Initiative concluded at luxury lifestyle designer Richard Nilsson's Villa Oxygene. The evening affair began with a cocktail reception meet and greet featuring Nina May, a ten year old pianist and singer who graced the audience two piano selections and two singing selections. Nina May was featured before an audience of industry taste makers for Princess Angelique Monét's Children and the Arts Program featuring young people who have achieved and excelled beyond expectations in various art forms. Nina May was honored as the recipient of the 2013 Youth Award of Excellence, presented to her during this evening.

Several fine artists displayed their works at Villa Oxygene including LifeTime Achievement Award in Art maestro Gabriel Meiring born in South Africa residing in Belgium, Priska Medam (Basel/ Switzerland), Lucien Stilss (Italian-Dutch), Gouri Sahni (India), Lan Stanley (Dubai), Samuel de Lang (Amsterdam), Brigette Girard (France), Nelo (Portugal/France), Thomas Maes (Belgium), Princess Angelique Monét (USA).  

The entire first floor of Villa Oxygene was turned into a collector's paradise with an opportunity for guests to enjoy fine art fused with fashion, music, and rubbing elbows with A.F.I.'s filmmakers participating in the Cannes World Cinema Initiative. These filmmakers gathered in a celebration of peace and eagerly anticipated the announcement of the honored film award winners. The peace evening was hosted by Parisian television personality Patrick Lâchaud a dear friend of Princess Angelique Monét, and the evenings co-host was Sam Paris (singer and fashion model agent).  Alan Landry graced the audience with his amazing voice, and soulful piano tunes, while the guests looked forward to an evening filled with eye candy, and entertainment lasting the duration of the event, "This is what I wanted everyone to see with our World Peace Initiative. We are not just a film initiative, or an art initiative, or a fashion event, where musicians perform. We are all the components of peace, displayed through the arts. I have been to many events that are solely fashion events, or art events, or obviously since we are in Cannes, film events, and I wanted to bring something to our loyal guests so that they would understand promoting peace is just this, bringing all components of art together in a heart felt environment where luxury meets humility and we take it from there. We discuss our visions, our goals, while enjoying beautiful multi-cultural elements. This past week we screened audience favorites at private villa locations and also in the Palais, screening through the Marche du Film. I am happy our Cannes World Peace Initiative touched the hearts of so many and will leave a lasting impression for our future events. The key here is we must join forces with positive individuals seeking to make positive change, and then one face becomes one race, and we all can begin to appreciate others outside our own culture. This effect is geared to break the boundaries that prevent us from uniting because we have insecurities due too lack of understanding. I feel good that this year we reached our goals and target audience. It is very important for me to add, we host our Initiative in Cannes, and soon our Initiative will take place during other popular festivals to promote peace and diversity. We have not been working with Festival de Cannes, in any way, nor do I or anyone in my organization work for Festival de Cannes. We host a program that assists filmmakers in understanding the marketplace, and encourage our filmmakers to be a part of this market during the events that take place during Festival de Cannes. A.F.I. is it's own organization and proudly can stand on it's own independent of any other group or organization. We are merely here in Cannes promoting peace and cultural diversity as many other organizations promote their causes or promote their films. This being our second year in Cannes, our organizations numbers continue to grow and it is important I clarify and set this record straight. While we operate as an initiative in Cannes, with our Signature Festival being held in the Hamptons, Hollywood, Miami/ Miami Beach, and we are in talks with many other luxury markets in Europe, Dubai, Australia, and India for future Festival locations. We are growing, and this is a good sign that we are moving in the right direction, it is the fate of the cause because people want change, and they want to be a part of something that will and can make change. I am proud of the direction in which we are going, and must state, whenever, there is a positive message separate from the glitz and glamour of the film industry, it may not be an easy road, I am so excited that people are getting it, and wanting to be a part of something that is bigger than we could ever imagine. It is taking art forms that ancient humanity started and transforming these components to promote peace. Peace comes from within, and when more people become one with who they are and understand others, the wars, and destruction of our planet will cease." stated Princess Angelique Monét multi-media talent and founder of Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative.


Other highlighted performers include world wide renown and accomplished performer Alan Landry who is recognized in the industry for decades and has achieved top ten hits in the USA (Turn Back the hands of Time), and has collaborated with Stevie Wonder (I just called to say I love you,) Earth Wind and Fire, Smokey Robinson, and he has performed for Bill Gates, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Beyonce (just to name a few). Additionally A.F.I. World Peace Initiative, showed support for Richard Nilsson's role in the Jackson Family Foundation. Other highlighted guests include Mr. Joe Jackson (father of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson), and soul singer Nicole Slack Jones. Our A.F.I. Fellowship focus was granted to Claudia Quintaville  (Costume Designer and Fashion Designer) with her name brand luxury bags and accessories, by Clarmonia.


  • Nina May: Princess Angelique Monét Youth Award of Excellence Children and the Arts Program
  • Gabriel Meiring: Lifetime Achievement Award in Art 2013 Cannes World Peace Initiative
  • The Firebird [Directed By Antonis Tsonis]: Best World Peace Relations Film 2013 Cannes World Peace Initiative
  • God Forgive [Directed By Nedy Cross]: World Peace Advocacy Award 2013 Cannes World Peace Initiative


  • Telling A You [Directed By Margarethe Baillou]: Best Animated Short 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Future Assassin [Directed By Yunus Shahul]: Best Short Comedy 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • UPAJ: Improvise [Directed By Antara Bhardwaj]: Best Feature Documentary 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • The Firebird [Directed By Antonis Tsonis]: Best Short Film 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Chasing Shakespeare [Directed By Norry Niven]: Best Feature Narrative 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Kaleidoscope [Directed By John Kirkscey]: Best Performing Arts Film 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • The Hipster Paradox [Directed By Kyra Nicole Rogers]: Best Avante-garde Film 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Better Be Goin' [Directed By Robert Fernandez-Ferreira]: Best Music Video 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Akt 2 [Directed By Robert Fritz]: Audience Choice Award 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Removed [Directed By Richard Moos & Michael Booth]: Best Short Documentary 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Virtuos Virtuell [Directed By Thomas Stellmach & Maja Oschmann]: Best Visual Innovation 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative
  • Love Letter [Directed By Kyra Nicole Rogers]: 2 Day Film Challenge 2013 Cannes World Cinema Initiative


 Sponsored by:

  • Main Title Sponsor: Princess Angelique Monét, and Grani d'Oro of Monte Carlo 
  • Main Partner: Greta Joanne Entertainment, Richard Nilsson, Fashion Week Cannes, TM Maes Fine Arts, and 
  • Beverage Partners: Wine Love (Famous Wine), Grani d'Oro of Monte Carlo, Astronvino, Birkedal Hartman, Pago
  • Media Partner: Nothing On Television TV, Pat Show Plateforme Multi activities), and television La Locale 


Artisan Festival International 'Cannes World Peace Initiative' is a Signature luxury event taking place during Festival de Cannes Founded by multi-media talent Princess Angelique Monét (worlds only actress ventriloquist). The initiative is comprised of compelling international cinema debuting before a global audience and has built a name as (Cannes World Cinema Initiative) held within Marche du Film and private screening locations. Filmmakers who have been invited to screen within the juried "Official Selection" have been featured on BBC News. Since Festival de Cannes attracts the world's top celebrities, and art guru's, fine art exhibitions have been added to the line up, to bring international fine artists seeking explorative and innovative opportunities of unveiling art before collectors, VIP guests and celebrities to enjoy promoting peace within luxury settings and meeting renowned, emerging, and innovative filmmakers, fine artist, musicians, and performers while promoting peace and cultural diversity.


Princess Angelique Monét is the world's only actress ventriloquist and listed in wikipedia under modern day ventriloquism and most notable ventriloquist USA. She is also the former Ms. Black South Carolina USA, and is an actress and film producer, along with music composer with an album on itunes. Monét is the founder of Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative, and also owner of Nothing On Television TV, a Video On Demand Channel available in the US. She has interviewed A List talent and covered red carpet events as an on air personality and journalist. For more information you can visit Angelique Monét on wikipedia.


Business man, connoisseur, patron of the art, The Original Luxury Lifestyle Designer. The man with the happy smile has been given many labels during his career. Richard Nilsson is the man behind the now legendary luxury lifestyle concept of Résidence Supérieur and his passion is creating new beautiful environments and building first class atmospheres. His ability to take risks and his sense of good business has made him a rich man not only in the terms of money, but also in the terms of friends all over the world.