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Chasing Shakespeare

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In its purest form, Chasing Shakespeare is a love story for all time. Told in flashback from his wife's deathbed, William Ward's story traces his first meeting of the beautiful Venus who is from the Lightning Clan, a mystical Native American family living in Arkansas. We see William and Venus meet and fall in love, challenging her deceased father's vision for her true love, a meeting during a performance of The Tempest that he has envisioned in New York. After William's father is stricken ill, William cannot follow her to Broadway so Venus strikes out on her own, believing that she will find true love on a magical night in the city. But soon after she arrives, she realizes that she is ill and that her life could be in danger. William's father passes and William now travels to New York to find his Venus. A wild storm, an impromptu play on a city building and an eventual reunion all bring them together. All of this in memory as William, now without his wife, believes he is going insane, seeing visions of someone in his home. His son also believes his father is mentally ill but they both are witness to a miracle on earth and the heart pounding conclusion of this magical story.

Eat Spirit Eat

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Not everyone is born into a family, sometimes, you have to grow up and find your own family.

Meet Oliver, a twenty-seven year old orphan. He lost his mother at an early age, but before she died, she told him about a promise. A promise his father made to her that haunted Oliver ever since… That one day, after becoming a successful actor, he’d be back to find his son. Oliver lived in a foster home for twenty years. He was obsessed with movies and incessantly flipped through TV channels in the hopes of getting a glimpse of his father. After every orphan except Oliver is placed with a family, Oliver realizes his father’s success will not happen on its own. Oliver decides to leave the foster home, track down his childhood friends and recruit them to do the impossible… Make a movie starring his father in a desperate attempt

to make him famous, and to finally see if his father will keep his promise. The only problem is… No one knows how to make a movie. But, his father doesn't know that… That

is, until they begin filming. 

A surreal coming of age, dark absurdest dramedy about friendship and family and realizing sometimes, there is no difference between the two.


Road to the Open

Struggling after the loss of his wife, the future looks bleak for Jerry McDonald. As a single-parent, tennis has become his only semi-social outlet with his eccentric best friend, Miles, who’s working through anger management with the help of his life coach (Judd Nelson).

Reluctantly, Jerry caves to Miles’ pressure to play in a local tournament that could earn them a once in a life-time slot in an exhibition match at a prestigious national tournament, The Open. But they‘ll have to meet the infamous Gollant Brothers (Eric Roberts and John Schneider) who haven’t lost club champions status for a decade. Let the training begin.

Tyler, Jerry’s precocious 10 year-old daughter, has faithfully accepted that her mom has gone to heaven, but longs to see Dad “happy again”. For Jerry, the thought of finding love is as foreign as winning the tournament, until Tyler asks the looming question, “Do you think you’ll ever get married again?” Encouraged to step out, Jerry gets the guts to talk with Sam, a cute co-worker and new friend. Tyler loves her and it appears things are looking up.

Life is full of twists and turns, and some are hard to overcome. But a second serve is a precious gift, and a double fault can be tragic. For Jerry, Road to the Open is a journey to live again, to love again. For movie goers, it’s a classic underdog story that is waiting to bring smiles and cheers.


Egypt Through the Glass Shop

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DJ Next, the visionary CEO behind pioneering Hip Hop label Amalgam Digital, branches into film-making under the moniker Anyextee. He travels to Cairo, Egypt and delivers a powerful first-hand account of the Egyptian Revolution--an event which provided crucial inspiration to the Occupy movement begun in New York. The film is experienced through the journey of a young entrepreneur and talented glass blower who set up a shop and, using new techniques, provide an update to the original method of glass blowing. Before long, they find themselves trapped in the country during the civil unrest that sparked the Arab Spring. After his business partner is hit in the head with a rock, the glass blower's shop falls into disarray and he finds himself displaced from the enterprise. A year later, he returns with Next to reclaim his life’s work. A compelling story of challenge, change, and triumph, “Egypt Through The Glass Shop” not only tells the story of the revolution of a country in turmoil, but also of the revolution of an entire cultural art form.


Forget Us Not

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During WWII Hitler embarked on a systematic campaign to annihilate the Jewish population. But his plans to create an Aryan Nation did not end with the unprecedented persecution of the Jews. From 1933 to 1945, millions of individuals were arrested, shipped to labor and death camps and classified for their various offenses using a color coded system of triangles and other symbols. An estimated 11 million lost their lives. Thousands more survived and bear the scars emotionally and physically of a life brutally lived.

Robert Wagemann, born with a physical disability, finds himself targeted twice. Nearly euthanized for being 'imperfect', he is snuck out of the hospital by his mother and spends the war hiding with his parents who have arrest warrants out against them for being Jehovah's Witnesses.

Ceija Stojka, a Roma girl, sees her father arrested and dragged off to Dachau, where he later dies. Shortly after, she is rounded up with the rest of her family and shipped to Auschwitz. 

Vera Young, a Polish Catholic teen is separated from the rest of her family and sent to a concentration camp, where she survives each brutal day by sewing uniforms for her Nazi captors before being sent on a 900 mile death march.

Natalia Orloff, a Ukraine child, is marched with her family to the Polish border before being put on a train and sent to a work camp where sickness and starvation dominates her life and memories. 

Forget Us Not is a moving, in depth look at the persecution and subsequent death of the 5 million non Jewish victims of the WWII Holocaust and the lives of those who survived.

Through stories of survivors and historical footage, these lesser known voices are brought to life. From the Roma and Sinti people who were also targeted for complete annihilation to the thousands of Catholic Priests who were killed for speaking out, Forget Us Not strives to educate and give tribute to those who were killed for their religion, ethnicity, political views, sexual orientation and physical handicaps.


16 Acres

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The rebuilding of the World Trade Center is the most architecturally, politically and emotionally complex urban renewal project in American history. From the beginning, the rebuilding effort has been fraught with controversy, drama, delays and politics. To date, the struggle has encompassed ten years, nineteen government agencies, a dozen projects, and over $20 billion and counting. 

Aside from the staggering engineering challenges of the site itself, a major complicating factor is the sheer number of interested parties. Politicians, developers, architects, insurance companies, local residents, and relatives of 9/11 victims all profess a claim to the site and are often in conflict with one another. According to The New York Times, “Where some saw lucrative real estate, others saw a graveyard. Where some saw Rockefeller Center or Lincoln Center or Grand Central Terminal, others saw Gettysburg.”

But what was once ground zero is now a frenzied construction site. Three thousand workers are building four of the tallest skyscrapers in America, an iconic – and complicated – train station, a performing arts center and a sacred memorial and museum. What will emerge in downtown Manhattan over the next few years will redefine the city – and the country – for generations. 

16 ACRES is the story of how and why this historic project got built. At the heart of the story is the dramatic tension between noblest intentions, the desire of everyone involved to “get it right,” and the politics, hubris, ego and ideology that is the bedrock of New York City. What does it say about us as New Yorkers, as Americans? 

As with all great urban projects, from the Pyramids to Rome’s Coliseum to Rockefeller Center, a small group of powerful people will dictate the outcome. With inside access to the project and these key players, 16 ACRES will tell the story behind the headlines. Who are these men and women? What motivates them? How will their personalities shape the project? And, ultimately, will it succeed?


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The Firebird

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Omid flees his homeland because of his father's revolutionary poetry for freedom. To endure mandatory detention and deportation from Australia, Omid trusts in the wisdom of the great poets and his father's words to avoid internal surrender. From the depths of political exclusion an artist is born.

Director Statement 
My polemic in storytelling is always about those living at the fringes of society, whether they are victims of xenophobia or even victims of their own internal psychological struggle.

My love for the Italian neo-realist filmmakers of the 1940s and 1950s is because their films were also concerned with dismissed individuals and their challenges to survive their marginalization. 

I reflected on the types of films my hero filmmakers such as Rossellini, De Sica and Visconti would have made had they been living in Australia today. I considered that they would not have retreated from the encounter of making a film about so-called ‘boat’ people. I did not want to shy away from making such a film. I did not want my own fears of condemnation to render me silent or dissuade me. Therefore in making this film I wanted to tell a difficult story genuinely, a story that transcends political issues and xenophobia, in order to make a narrative about humanity, and a lyrical visual about a simple human being; ultimately indistinguishable from the audience and the film maker.

Telling A You

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Set on the island of Bermuda in the 1960s, TELLING A YOU is an animated short film featuring the voices of Bermudian actors, Dimitri Philpott and Lexy Correia. The story captures the romantic 'meet-cute' of a man and a woman colliding at a street corner. While this may not appear noteworthy, his memory lovingly recalls every detail of the incident, thus turning a seemingly ordinary moment in time into an extraordinary moment in two people's lives.

Cinematographically, there is the added experiment of the two-layered storytelling, voice and visuals, taking turns in delivering each instant of the narration before the other, ultimately concluding the story in sync.

TELLING A YOU is a reminder of those small moments of fortune that enrich the lives of those embracing the unexpected, as well as a tribute to the courageous ones living life with an open heart. Written, directed and produced by Margarethe Baillou, TELLING A YOU is the filmmaker's personal hommage to Bermuda, celebrating the pastel colors, shapes and sounds of that tiny shrimp-shaped speck of land in the middle of the Atlantic where the beaches are pink, and time is stacked away in a treasure chest.


The film’s title was inspired by the Russian tale about a bird that is both a blessing and a curse to its captor. The vision follows the story of a young orphaned asylum seeker who flees his country with his parents due to his father’s revolutionary poetry for freedom and ends up in an Australian detention center, only to be deported offshore to be processed and await refugee status. But in doing the film I discovered that The Firebird was ultimately about the birth of an artist. Omid, our protagonist, grows up to become a musical director whose talent was born out of political exclusion. It was his trust and understanding in the wisdom of the great poets and his father’s plight for freedom that enabled him to survive psychologically while imprisoned.

In the film there is a moment dear to me when Omid discovers the power of art. It is when he soothes a young woman called Arezoo upon their deportation from Australia by reciting the Persian poetry of Rumi in the ancient Persian tongue.

All of the actors are making debut performances. 


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Phyllis, a woman in her early 60s, comes back home after a long visit abroad. Lonely and broken hearted, on her way she tries to kill herself. At her house she finds a sub-letter, who was scheduled to depart before her return. The sub-letter, a young motorcyclist, insists on staying at the house for a few additional days before resuming a long road trip. What starts as a quarrel turns into a three day affair between a shaken and disillusioned woman and a carefree traveler. 


The Hipster Paradox Poster 1.jpg

The Hipster Paradox

A satire of the phony nature of the hipster culture. It exposes the absurdness of their culture by juxtaposing the facade with the humanity behind it.


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Girl meets boy, let the duel begin...




Removed Poster.jpg

Java, Bali, and Titan are captive tigers who have all had several homes over their lives. Each rescued from tough situations, they find sanctuary at Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) in San Antonio Texas and become instant friends. But hard economic times touch not only people. WAO is forced to close and now the tigers need new homes... Again. 

What does it take to move almost two tons of wild cat some 1,400 miles and re-habituate them? 'Removed' tells the story of Java, Bali, and Titan, as well as the people that care for these beautiful yet discarded creatures, all the while shedding light on the little know world of captive tigers in America.


Future Assassin

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Future Assassin is a coming of age short comedy that takes place in 1965 in the American Mid West. It tells the story about a young high school student who has been scorned by his first love. He comes up with a zany plot that involves convincing five dazed hippies that his first love is actually an evil time traveler. Their only interest is saving the world. Everything comes to a head when all seven characters get pulled over in a getaway escape car on a long, country road. After spending some time in jail together the characters are able to see each others true colors and finally be completely honest. Hearts will be broken and flames will spark. The young protagonist manages to fool just about everyone except himself in this story of the extreme lengths one will go to for matters of the heart.



Charlie is the story of a kind-hearted hapless mute man whom finds his affection for a beautiful woman is complicated when it becomes apparent that she's blind. With no way for him to make any sound to get her attention and her inability to see Charlie's signing gestures, problems ensue and it only multiplies when her best friend shows up. This is a classic silent love story in homage to the turn of the century black and white Charlie Chaplin movies, only with a more modern present day twist. 


The Rainforest Waters of Cascadia poster.jpg

The Rainforest Waters of Cascadia


Water is the universal solvent for creating and sustaining all living things yet freshwater only comprises 2.5% of the world's total water volume. In its most-pure and free-flowing state, it exists in the temperate rainforests where annual precipitation can total over 15ft (4.9m). Temperate rainforests capture, retain, and recycle water and represent one of the rarest habitats on Earth. But today, over half of temperate rainforests have been extirpated.These habitats need to be preserved to protect our freshwater sources and all the biological organisms (including humans) that depend on them.


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Silent Voices

 'Silent Voices' is the story of a young man, whose idle lounging and apathetic attitude could cost him the right to speak up. His procrastination is met head on when what once seem distant and irreverent to him, suddenly becomes a reality. This animated film mashes up digital and natural worlds in a manage of conflicting environments. Will this man find his voice, before its too late?

‘Silent Voices’ tackles notions of voter apathy in light of large-scale natural resource developments. This animated film explores a perceived disconnect between the natural world and ever expanding media engaged societies. Silent Voices juxtaposes the attitudes of the protagonist with an ecosystem at risk from a controversial pipeline development. 

This animation aims to be a part of a shift in a social and cultural awareness of nature and capitalism. Recognizing that individuals, specifically youth, have the power to influence politics and the decisions we make about energy, the economy and the environment.


Ghost Fish of the Wimahi poster.jpg

Ghost Fish of the Wimahi

Salmon and trout play an important role in many cultures of today. In the past, these fish sustained generations of humans both as food and of worship.

The ancient fish runs of the Pacific Northwest and Columbia River are still with us today but overfishing, dams, habitat destruction and pollution continue to take its toll. These relics of a past age cannot survive into the next unless the impacts of human activities are curbed.

This film shows the beauty of these fish in their native habitats displaying natural behavior. The large fish migrations of the past are a testament to the capability and elasticity of these remarkable creatures if left free from the impacts of pollution, dams, overfishing, and habitat destruction.


Tiramasu Poster 2.jpg


Tiramisu' is NYU-SCPS graduate Lawrence Michael Parker's directorial debut. The story takes place in the heightened reality of New York City's Lower East Side. 

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD AND SWEET. --- Jonhas and Derek are called into a secluded club in New York City. There awaits crime boss Gino Duesanti who sends them out on an assignment with a mysterious mistress to reclaim the stolen money from The Bird. Everything goes smoothly, until suddenly everybody's life is at stake....


Scent of a Woman poster.jpg

Scent of a Woman

On the eve of a romantic weekend upstate, sweet but profoundly awkward Chloe plans on telling Dan, her boyfriend of three weeks, that she loves him. While he prepares the one meal he knows how to make, Fettuccine Alfredo, she tries on sexy lingerie, works to build up her courage. Then, terror strikes as lactose intolerance Chloe comes face to face with Dan's creamy concoction. Chloe escapes to find her trusty dairy-aid, but she's all out. Not wanting to be rude (and hoping to titillate Dan with her voraciousness), Chloe throws caution to the wind and dives in to the meal. But as soon as the wine kicks in, so does the Alfredo. Chloe runs to the bathroom in the hopes of suffering in private, but the size of the house only amplifies her thunderous farts. Will her hope for true love be squelched by her cock-blocking emissions?


7 to Seven Poster.jpg

7 to Seven

Jax Spinx is an agent of O.T.G. (Off The Grid), a secret government agency created back in the early 1960's shut down in 1963 and re-opened in 2011. 7 To Seven is a series of short 7 minute films. It is design to tell the back stories of each team member of O.T.G. populated by 7 beautiful sexy women, and anchored by a hormone driven, blood thirsty ex marine, a scientist , a Mysterious Ninja and an outlaw only known by one name. Follow Jax as she confronts every one of these deadly assassins in each installment of 7 to Seven.

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Decades ago, Memphis helped set the direction of American culture and changed the world with its music. Memphis was the birthplace of rock 'n roll--the result of its black and white musical cultures mixing and inspiring each other. 

Bookin' recreates and showcases that same historical cultural fusion, not only through its innovative score that blends classical elements, namely the cello, with hip hop beats, but primarily through dance. Throughout the shoot, the film's 'jookers' and ballet dancers learned from each other, inspired each other, and blended their respective dances to create, in their words: bookin'.


Look Up Poster.jpg

Look Up!


Telly Award winning Director makes a terrifying discovery while testing time lapse camera equipment, and accidentally playing the footage backwards.

You will never look at the sky the same way again after watching this film. 

Look Up ! is a new genre of documentary with an integrated Mobile App component - The film addresses the world's most dangerous environmental program ever - GeoEngineering, SRM (Solar Radiation Management) and Stratospheric Aerosol Spray Programs: The science of using airplanes to spray the sky with toxic metals and particles, with the intention of blocking the sun and forcing climate change while creating unknown consequences. GeoEngineering causes Climate change-by definition. As governments continue to emphasize CLIMATE CHANGE, the experimentation of GeoEngineering, SRM, and Stratospheric Aerosol Spray programs continue over our heads.


The film also looks at the relationship of the key GeoEngineering ingredient, as listed on their US patent- also discussed in the film Aluminum and its relationship to the explosion of out of control Aluminum related diseases such as Autism and Alzheimer's especially early onset. as the disease increase rate also parallels all evidence of the experimentation ramp-up of the program. 

This is the most comprehensive film communication tool ever created.

This film is in a totally unique category- the concept has never been done- I believe it will be the future model for initiative based documentaries, and politically motivated communications.

Skyder is a 501(c) Not-for-profit corporation dedicated to education and activism

Leading Lines poster.jpg

Leading Lines 

Leading Lines is a short Documentary about the battle between art and commerce, and how to balance the two. This film depicts the life of an exceptionally unique and original artist, Amy Shackleton. Who utilizes the drip technique, where she applies paint with squeeze bottles and rotates the canvas to simulate images of nature and urban cityscape's colliding together, to showcase the re-birth of a magnificent future. Leading Lines follows the life of this extraordinary artist, from the early stages of working on her own in the big city, to being discovered by Elaine Fleck, a powerful and outspoken art dealer, and how she changed Shackleton’s life forever.


The Sudden Pianist poster small.jpg

The Sudden Pianist

Long established as a leading voice among composers of his generation, Michael Hersch is also one of the great pianists of our time.
With “The Sudden Pianist”, filmmaker Richard Anderson has created an intimate portrait, shedding light on this aspect of Hersch's music making with never before seen or heard footage of Hersch performing his own work at the piano - from his debut to the present day. There are also rare interviews throughout with Hersch. The film is a moving journey into the mind of one of America's most unique artists. While much has been written about Hersch's gifts as a composer, his abilities at the piano have been witnessed by few, as he shuns most public performances.
'The Sudden Pianist' was chosen as an early entry to the American Documentary Film Festival 2013; one of only 100 films selected from over 1,200 entries. 


Sundays Poster.jpg




After his mothers death, Andy's family tradition falls away along with his close relationship with his father. It is only years later that his newly married wife, upon starting there own family, encourages him to reconnect. Andy is not aware that he is running out of time.


The Blank Page poster.jpg

The Blank Page

Colin is a quiet boy. His mother tries her best to get him to come out of his shell by exposing him to a plethora of art and music teachers. While he learns many lessons from these jaded adults; they aren't exactly the ones his mother had hoped to impart. Colin was not developing normally. What would any mother do? What would the perfect mother do?


Crisalida poster.jpg


 Crisalida, which means 'cocoon of an incubating butterfly,' is the name of an 86-year-old woman who watches the world through her bedroom window. Over the course of a Sunday in her small Cuban town, her past and present converge in ironic, unsettling ways.


Elegy for a Revolutionary small.jpg

Elegy for a Revolutionary

 Based on a personal true story.

Encouraged by his friend, a young, idealistic journalist joins the African National Congress (ANC) to protest apartheid. When their acts of sabotage turn to murder, their relationship falls apart. The notoriously brutal police are hot on the trail. When captured, do these two friends turn on each other for survival or remain quiet, facing torture and death? Then one of them cooperates with the security police and becomes a witness for the state. With a country divided and loyalty strained, two men are forced to choose sides - and suffer their fate. Right or wrong? Only one thing is certain: betrayal knows no limits.


Bradley POSTER_2013 small.jpg


“Brad “ is a touching Drama set in two Decades.

Amanda , middle aged dance teacher who lives on her own. 

One morning, before one of her dance classes - barking of a neighbors dog , brings Amanda’s memories back to the 80s. When as a young self, she had had an affair with a married man. As memories flood back, Amanda realizes that the wound has not been healed.


Akt 2.jpg

Akt 2

After years apart, two people meet by accident and hide secrets from each other. The meeting leads to moments of truth in each of their lives, and illusions are shattered, the past is explained, and their lives are changed. Starring Kirsti Torhaug and Michel Riddez in a tour de force duet performance, the script was co-written by award winning filmmaker Robert Fritz and the film's male lead, Michel Riddez. Shot in Sweden in Swedish with English subtitles, the film is a unique love story about another chance in life. Directed by Robert Fritz.


Melisenda .jpg


Different countries, people and times… Everything is interconnected. The movie’s main character, a young woman, is deeply aware of this connection. Masterpieces of art are true witnesses of the unity of all things alive. Can we save them or will they be lost forever?


Catharsis poster.jpg



Catharsis, a new short film from writer/director Evan Michals, tells the story of a man wrestling with his inner demons. The loss of his wife has driven him back to alcoholism, and he struggles to move forward in spite of his desire to hold on to the past.

Featuring an incredible performance by Clem McIntosh (Boardwalk Empire), with supporting performances by Neil Howard (All My Children) and Dartel McRae (Boardwalk Empire).

Go Up Poster.jpg

Go Up

This is a story about a man, who didn’t want to accept himself as he was. So the world didn’t want to accept him either.

The guy refused from the real life and created a new personality on the Internet, just the opposite to his own one. In his virtual world he is smart, successful and vigorous, as soon as in reality he is a miserable outcast, suffering from obesity. 

He lives a solitary Internet-dependent way of life, going out for the only reason of his – to make his ritual – to injure the pride of beautiful successful girls, asked out for a date with a ruggedly handsome man.

But there is a bright feeling in his life...

Dreaming American Poster.jpg

Dreaming American

After escaping a dangerous country, a young man fights to keep his body, his dignity and his dream alive. Survival is the first order of business in New York City but he strives to achieve more and when success comes within his grasp he finds himself up against an uncaring immigration bureaucracy. Based on a true story, "Dreaming American" is a humorous, sad, and always compelling story of courage, living by one's wits, and the struggle to make it in America.

GoodMen Poster.jpg

Good Men

A drama about two elderly Jewish friends who get into an argument over the controversial circumstances surrounding 9/11.

Un Homme Bien Poster.jpg


Un Homme Bien

Louis Caron (played by award winning actor Peter Lekeux * - Strass *) is a good man, Even When everybody in the Seems to ignore him completely. 

He is a vegetarian, he feeds the homeless, takes care of animals and is pertaining concerned with the ecological future of the planet. 

His goal altruism HAS sinister edge ... 

he is a vampire ...

Judith Poster.jpg


This is a silent short film based on the Book of Judith from the Bible. 

In the eighteenth year of his reign, Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians commanded Holofernes the chief general of his army to avenge the land of Jordan, which he tried to invade once and failed. Holofernes destroyed the cities of Israel one after another. Now the army surrounded the city of Bethulia. All of the men in the city trembled with hear of Holofernes's brutal manner and decided to surrender without a resistance. However Judith refuses their decision. Judith goes to the camp of Assyrian army alone to kill Holofernes.


Visions of Mary Frank

When Mary Frank began her artwork in the 1950s, she was known in the New York City arts community as a beautiful, young woman. Photographed by Walker Evans, Edward Steichen, Ralph Gibson and her then-husband Robert Frank, the pictures captured their vision of her. They did not present her as an artist. Filmmaker John Cohen has known Frank and her work for over 50 years. This new film is a window into her vision. Frank's creations never fit into categories of Abstract Expressionist, Pop, Conceptual, new expressionism, outsider art. Her work is in nearly every major American museum. Her explorations take form in drawings, triptychs, paintings, prints, photographs and sculpture. In clay, magnificent female figures emerge from the earth, evoking mythic gods and human frailties.


MUSIC Video Showcase Banner.jpg
Better Be Goin poster.jpg

Better Be Goin’

Neil Nathan’s Better Be Goin’ music video is a CGI Sci-Fi adaption of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Wolf and the 7 Little Goats". In it, a notoriously dangerous cyborg wolf seeks to kidnap the 4 space girls left alone at their home base on Planet Kepler 22b. Even though their Head Mother, a horned fabled creature, warns them about the dangerous wolf, they proceed to train their super powers and ignore the threat coming from outer space. The wolf is willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The video was Conceived and Directed by Robert Fernandez-Ferreira whose award winning short film “Una Calle Sin Salida,” showed at the 2011 Cannes Festival and was Art Directed and Animated by Andreas Alesik,"Ghost A/S" visual effects lead on Cowboys & Aliens and The Sorcerer's Apprentice (produced by Jerry Bruckheimer). Intro Sound Design by Dave Barnaby, sound effects editor on Captain America: The First Avenger.

The song was produced by Bobby Harlow and features musicians from The Dead Weather, Queens of The Stone Age, Detroit Cobras, and The Go. It's on Neil's debut LP, The Distance Calls out on his imprint, Pirate Vinyl.

MFR BFL_poster small.jpg



MFR is a musical short film to encourage the world to change to a healthy lifestyle, peace and love. Or else. Showing a historic and contemporary view to improve our future.

God forgive smaller poster.jpg

God Forgive

A musical film expressing the wish to stop spending money in wars and utilize those economic resources to feed the children worldwide. The film shows images of children from South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The film want to promote to bring an equal happiness to every corner for the generation, our children.


The Hardest Day Poster final.jpg

The Hardest Day

The band Helicopter Rounds plays by the ocean. Jonas has the perfect girl, Alexis. A card reader, madam Ann, forecast the happiness of the couple, but she fails to reveal her intentions and feelings towards Jon. However, her wishes, infiltrates Jon dreams and enters her desire for him to fall for her. They find themselves in a dreamy web of romance, as Alex witnesses them kissing. Jon's dream is about to became a nightmare as he wakes up back in a sweet reality dream come true.

Who I am poster 2.jpg

Who I Am

This music video shines a light on an increasingly prevalent and heart breaking disease in which the victim gradually forgets personal history, how to function in society and how to survive. 'Who I Am' is performed by Jon Pousette-Dart and Jaime Kyle for our upcoming feature documentary 'Forget Me Not' on the subject of Alzheimer's disease. Pousette-Dart has also included the song is his forthcoming CD release 'Anti Gravity'.

When I get that Pony Rode Poster.jpg


When I Get That Pony Rode

When I Get That Pony Rode is a music video starring singer/songwriter Templeton Thompson. The song is featured on the 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman DVD series. Pony is the story of the struggle to get a difficult horse under control, which is a metaphor for all the difficult challenges in our lives. Templeton sings from her heart of the true grit and determination needed to overcome any obstacle. Cindy Meehl wanted to bring the knowledge of film making and horses that she gained from directing the feature documentary film BUCK to this wonderful music. This song joyfully champions horses, hard work, the human spirit and triumph over adversity.

Virtuos Virtuell poster small.jpg

Virtuos Virtuell

Abstract ink drawings seem to come out of nowhere. Following a secret choreography, they take on characteristics and moods of the music and narrate a story that appears to be laid out in the music. The interplay of timid encounters and dynamic pursuits, the agile lightness and confrontation, awakens a multitude of associations e.g. of birds, plants or the under-water world, which in turn stimulates many different emotional impressions.