Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative is comprised of mini-festivals representative of the Arts (Fine Art, Film, Fashion, Music, Theater) brought together under one umbrella in an effort to promote cultural diversity through the arts.  Our goal is to bring such rich culture to each community we work with and encourage as much community support as possible to facilitate an understanding that we are a cultural arts organization seeking to add to the communities we serve while simultaneously assisting with peace efforts on a global scale.

"The mission of Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative is to bridge the gap in cultural diversity worldwide. By promoting culture other than ones own through film, art, fashion, theatre and music, one can begin to have an understanding and appreciation of others. This is the way to begin creating world peace," stated Princess Angelique Monét, Festival Founder and Director.

Our events will promote visual/video art, film, fashion, theatre and music. Within A.F.I. we have created five Signature mini Festivals each with it's own audience, but we hope to encourage cross-demographic involvement between each area.