Daze of Justice

Screening 5/16 8:00p.m. Palais H

What happens when a 1.5-generation Cambodian American seeks answers about the Khmer Rouge — the ugly reign of terror under Pol Pot’s brutal regime? Filmmaker Mike Siv, finds himself behind the camera on a journey from California to the Khmer Rouge Trials.

Siv is a trusty narrator as he follows a feisty professor who corrals survivors to travel to Cambodia to testify in the trials. Siv is himself a survivor, having fled Cambodia at age 3.

The silence over the decades — Siv says that his own mother, a survivor, never talks about the past — is broken by the brave Cambodian American survivors. Yet, the true hero of the film is an unlikely one. The documentary takes an unexpected turn when the son of a high-profile convicted war criminal, who oversaw the killings of thousands, joins the Cambodian American refugees on a journey to seek justice.


Screening 5/18 1:30p.m. Arcades 3

Natir Puja, the court dancer, the only film Tagore ever directed in 1932 was destroyed by fire. this film essay is a tribute to the genius of Tagore by
re-staging his dance drama with the Nrityalok dance company on the same soundstage where Tagore directed his film 80 years ago at the new theaters studio in Tollygunge. This film is a tribute to birth of  of indian cinema and also of india’s first nobel prize, won by Tagore, both occurredin 1913. this concurrence happens only once in a hundred years.

Two Zions: The Living Legacy of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon

Screening 5/18 5:30p.m. Palais D

"Two Zions" focuses on the Zions of Jerusalem, Israel and Axum, Ethiopia. It describes the relationship between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba that has connected two peoples and cultures through their religious observances from approximately 950 BC till today.

Ukraine. Paralipomenon. A Chronicle of Omissions

Screening 5/19 2:00p.m. Gray 3

A zero budget film made by single person (translator and music composer apart), by independent filmmaker Yulia Matsiy.

The film features scenes and stories that are usually not included in films on Ukraine.

Author’s reportage “Ukraine, Paralipomenon. A Chronicle of Omissions.” hightlightes the reality of Ukraine and Hong Kong during the summer 2014. 

In post-Maidan Kiev survivor’s guilt following the revolution. A strong patriotic spirit associate very different groups, including extreme right-wing paramilitary groups and drag queens at gay nightclubs. People in the Ukrainian capital petition the government to block an ‘undeclared war’ against the East.

The city of Slavyansk is seen moments after it was liberated from Russian occupation. There are mass graves and some have land mines. The film also reveals the improper use of humanitarian aid and separatists hiding out in the city.

Hong Kong is protesting against democracy restriction and the police is attacking protestants.


Screening 5/16 8:00p.m. Palais H


A patient is attending a session with his hypnotherapist.The purpose is to travel back to childhood through the milestones of the whole past life.We can feel the conflict and the complexity.The theme is waking hypnosis.The first step is the pre-talk while the therapist prepares the patient for the long journey.Then comes the induction which is the familiarization and training to carry on with the journey.Last comes the regression towards the past while the patient tries to forgive-by force & the hypnotherapist's simulation-perpetrated sins & harm that was done by others to him.And this is the only means to live in peace and harmony.Latest will be future pacing in the trip back from past to the present and ultimately deriving conclusion for a peaceful, harmonious future.N*B: All scenes are illustrated in SFX, VFX and surrealistic atmosphere.

The Black Wine of EROS

Screening 5/19 8:00p.m. Carlton Grand Ballroom

The Short Film drama which is based on my poem book "EROS the NUDE"..it's about a hopeless love ..which take place ..during the grapes harvest.