The story in the movie Levski is a classic tale about the life and death of the greatest Bulgarian revolutionary Vasil Levski, known also as Deacon Ignatiy. The story starts in 1841, during the darkest period of the Turkish yoke. Five-year-old Levski sees Turks raping and slaughtering young women in a small church. He also witnesses the survival of a little baby boy, the son of a high-ranking Turkish officer and a beautiful Bulgarian woman.
The life stories of the two boys become intertwined as they grow into young men. 
The next shocking event in the life of the young Vasil is the death of his father. The boy was only 10 years old when he saw his father beheaded right next to him. 
After that he enters a monastery to become a monk, but the education he receives there makes him realize how tragic the plight of his people is and understand that they are slaves of the cruel rule of an empire whose elite have lost themselves in a world of meaningless existence. He takes the decision to leave religious life and dedicates himself to the idea of liberating his beloved motherland from the Turks.
After he gets trained as a legionnaire, he joins the rebellion movement, but realizes that its fighting tactic would not achieve success. He is so dedicated to his country and people that he does not waver in the choice he has made even when he falls in love with beautiful Anna. 
Levski starts organizing revolutionary committees all over the country. He has succeeded in setting up more than 400 committees when one of his apostles attacked a convoy of the Turkish postal service to procure money for weapons. That leads to a series of treacherous acts and many of Levski’s followers are killed. 
The feeling of guilt about these deaths, the disappointment in the mentality of his people whose minds are as difficult to reach as a stone wall and the realization that perhaps he is years ahead of his time made Levski sacrifice himself and his own life in the name of the survival of the revolution by giving himself in to the Turks.
The bold decision of director Maxim Genchev to change the orthodox perspective on the events and to look at them from the standpoint of the 21-st century makes this version of the life and death of the greatest national hero revolutionary in itself. 
The road to the gallows is depicted as the road to Golgotha where Deacon Ignatiy sees the future and where he meets his God and with his last words, he blesses his beloved Bulgaria.


It’s not a cancer story, it’s a love story with some cancer in it. Honeyglue follows the story of Morgan (Adriana Mather “Eat Spirit Eat”), who flips her conservative, protected life upside down after learning she has three months left to live. She sets out on a bucket list of adventures with a purse snatching ex-junkie cross dresser Jordan (Zach Villa “Bordertown”). Morgan’s family (Christopher Heyerdahl “Gotham”, “Hell on Wheels”; Jessica Tuck “Super 8,” “True Blood”; Booboo Stewart “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Twilight Saga”) are faced with a decision to accept their daughter’s fate and let her spend her last moments trying to live life to the fullest, or continue to seek further medical treatment. Meanwhile, Jordan is faced with his own family issues when Morgan asks to visit his mother Alice (Amanda Plummer “Pulp Fiction”, “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”), who he hasn't spoken to for over ten years. 


"Nobody’s Perfect" A Derrick Simmons Film is an action, suspense, thriller movie. It’s a rag to riches story about a younger woman name Sasha (Lexi Moeller) who meets the man of her dreams Morgan (Derrick Simmons) with the perfect lifestyle and image. They quickly fall in love. Once they get married, her perfect dream turns into a nightmare.





Documentary about Nell Shipman, first female independent film maker to pioneer the nude scene and animal advocate. In 1921, Shipman refused a contract with Sam Goldfish (later Goldwyn) and moved to the Idaho wilderness with a zoo of 70 wild animals to write, direct, produce and act in movies portraying women as self-reliant heroines who rescued their male leads. Shipman performed her own stunts and developed an uncanny rapport with her animal actors. The film reveals the forgotten legacy of Shipman and a generation of female silent film pioneers. The documentary includes rare footage of these artists, including minority filmmakers, Zora Neale Hurston and Miriam Wong. Geena Davis and women directors discuss gender-inequities Nell and her counterparts faced that perpetuate in today's film industry.


A boy at school who wishes to win the affections of a girl who's family has forbidden them to be together, wants to see her one last time before school ends. She agrees to see him if he wins the soccer game after school and gets the championship trophy. There's just one problem.... all the soccer balls have gone missing. The boy takes his friend on a mad rush to buy another ball so he can play and win the game to get the girl, but this only leads to more problems and a struggle to make it to his end goal.


It's not a film about lacking hope, it's a film about having too much of it.
Sam's Box follows the story of Sam (Felipe Gon) and Dan (William Brighton), two best friends tired of fighting the tide of life, decide to take their life together. Sam believes he has lost everything after his relationship with Maria (Karen Sotomayor), as Dan still saves a little bit of hope in the most hidden corner of his eyes. The film tells the story of what is behind each character, with love, fear, life and death. Both will seek for a perfect way to be remembered, trying different techniques of suicide, including known and frightening drugs.


Filmmaker Alaa Abi Haidar takes us on a journey through the wonders of Iceland, when he decides to film his first visit to this wondrous land of geysers, hot pools and geological beauty. His scientific background perforates his narration of the film, enlightening us to the very makeup of the human body from the stars of the universe, which also conspired to make the very same interesting visions we explore in his film.


Shot across 6 countries over a 6-month period.

 The Color of Your Skin is the latest musical film produced by Nedy John Cross and performed by Big Fat Lily. Showcasing a message of global unity, peace and togetherness, The Color of Your Skin is a hard-hitting yet sensitive piece featuring a catchy bass line and melody, combined with rocking drums and guitar.

Big Fat Lily’s performance of the song is perfectly complimented by a celebratory montage of videos highlighting people from all walks of life, of all ages and of all ethnicities.

The Color of Your Skin is both a message of hope and a damning indictment of a world wracked with inequality, racism and bigotry. The song’s message is universal.

"The color of your skin ain't the color of your heart. Our true nationality is mankind...."