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At the early age of eight Princess Angelique Monét was placed in special education classes.  This changed when she began playing the piano. After she completed the fifth grade and took tests for middle school, she was ready for honors classes, testing into the eighth grade.  It is her belief that the music opened her ability to expand her critical thinking and study skills.  She has been dedicated to assisting young people with self esteem, and the development of artistic skills.  The Young People and the Arts Program pairs young people with mentors, and will assist them with stipends to continue their artistic education.  In addition the program is designed to give them something to look forward to and will showcase their skill set before an audience within the various mini-festivals.  Some of the young people in the program are active in their communities and have already performed amongst Presidents, enrolled in Ivy League schools, and some have the potential to perform at the best venues in the world; however, they must be nurtured and developed.  

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