About Artisan Festival International: World Peace Initiative

How can I be in the Artisan  International Art Fair and curated events?

  • The Art Fair is designed for galleries and artists to showcase their work. We specialize in showcasing artist that are emerging and or mid career artist. We also have a special area for international renowned artist.An application must be submitted for both classifications. All mediums of works are encouraged to apply, and are not limited to. Outside of our fair(s) we host year round curated art events as a "Pop Up," event or curated in a gallery, museum or private venue.  If you are interested in this process please also apply.  Many individuals have selected both, and want to received maximum exposure. Fees do apply and each artist and gallery must have insurance in order to participate. 


How can I be part of the Fashion Events?

  • We are pleased to have our fashion events in premium markets during premium events, and also our sole events.  All Fashion Designers must submit an application in order to be considered with an application of $30 per market interested in securing.  Once selected a team member will get back with you, with rates and schedules.


I am a music artist and want to perform on the stage, how can I be a part of the Artisan Music Festival and Summit? 

  • We welcome all to attend the Artisan Music Festival and Summit. In order to be a performer in the festival you must submit your band and apply.  We will notify you the next step once this application has been approved.  Being a part of Artisan Music Festival and Summit in prime markets you can also enjoy performing in a few of our private venues with celebrities on a case by case situation. 


I would like the be involved with the Artisan International Theatre & Dance Festival.

  • All types of theatre and dance are encouraged to apply. it should be noted we are team players, and also expect the Play Producer's to be team players. In order to garnish maximum exposure in our premium markets, we require "skin in the game," in order words be willing to invest in making certain the production is successful along with what we are providing... a venue, advertising, and a credible affair.